My best work yet, a Lifesize horse standing 7’ tall 7’ long, made from recycled materials I gather locally, Phoenix is made from parts from another horse I had made but was not satisfied with. That sculpture was dismantled and used for parts and this here is the end result.
Howard the Bassett
Modeled after my Bassett hound, Howard is a Lifesize replica made from repurposed metal salvaged from a home in Huntington N.Y.
My interpretation of the statue of David, as well as my first attempt at the human form. He stands 6’3” tall and shows great from all angles.
Menacing Owl made from recycled materials 20” tall
20” tall 16” wide OOAK Grogu and frog
Beautiful seahorse made from recycled utensils, mounted on a recycled picture frame Free shipping in United States, others please contact me for a shipping quote
Rusty the rooster
Rusty the rooster is a made from recycled materials, the right amount of detail in the head and legs and the recognizable shape of a rooster
Beach day lamp
17” tall Free shipping
Red Cardinal
Scrap metal horse
Scrap metal dolphin
Bird of prey